Charles de Gaulle monument

This monument at over 6 meters is of Charles de Gaulle, a former Prime Minister of France during WWII.

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Canal feature with nature

A canal feature at the southern part of Jardin Yitzhak Rabin, combining architecture and the local greenery. Explore more from the comfort of your home

Snowmobile from Die Another Day

This snowmobile first featured in the film Die Another Day, seen when the EUtouring Team was invited to the Bond exhibition in Paris. See what else our team found

Port by famous parts of Paris

Port de la Bourdinnais can be seen here, known for being a popular stop with tourist boats with close access to the Eiffel Tower. Explore more of everyday Paris

Eiffel Tower at start of dusk

The Eiffel Tower with its lights illuminating the structure at the beginning of dusk. View even more for yourself

River Seine for cargo

The River Seine that runs through the very heart of Paris is still popular for transporting cargo and goods. Learn and experience more