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The Conciergerie palace turned prison where Marie Antoinette was held captive

La Conciergerie was the first royal palace that was built in Paris, and is found on the Ile de la Cite island, which was originally called Palais de la Cite, which eventually became a prison.
The name Conciergerie was from the official who was appointed from the king to oversee various prison records and policing. But that's not all, the history of the La Conciergerie is intriguing from when it was a palace through to the French Revolution and the prison it became.
Today now it is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Paris, as it was the place Marie Antoinette was held before her beheading at Place de la Concorde, also you can visit the Sainte Chapelle, which was built within the palace right back in the 1240s.
Over the years the palace has gained much damage and been destroyed so only the lower parts remain in place, but there are still many halls and parts of the building which you can visit if you plan to go there while on holiday in Paris.
The lower floors of the bui…

The Pompidou Centre and the Musee d’Art Moderne museum in Paris

The Pompidou Centre, or the official name of Centre Georges Pompidou, or the other name of Beaubourg due to where it is constructed, or if you prefer its nickname of "the inside out building" due to how the building techniques which were used to provide much space, has much to offer for all of the family.
Although the history of the Pompidou Centre shares some light onto why it is here. With the initiative of French President Georges Pompidou who longed for a free public library to gain information but also a multi-cultural centre that would become home to Musee d’Art Moderne and more.
The opinion of the Pompidou centre can vary from being hideous to some and for others being an interesting tourist attractions in Paris, which has picked up popularity over the years. With millions of visitors from around the globe who visit the Modern Art Museum and the Pompidou itself, it has become one of the top places to visit while on holiday in Paris, suitable for all ages.
Within the m…

The Tour Montparnasse Tower has great views and the highest restaurant in Europe

The Tour Montparnasse is more of a modern tourist attraction in Paris which has attracted both love and hate being a sky scraper in Paris, people seeking it out for the fabulous views it provides across the city and others for disliking the idea of having a skyscraper across the height of Paris.
In fact the tower is also known as Tour Maine-Montparnasse, but more commonly called the Tour Montparnasse, or Montparnasse Tower, and stands as the only skyscraper in Paris at a height of over 200 metres.
The Montparnasse Tower was built above the Metro and various underground lines meaning it had to be reinforced much more. With 56 concrete reinforced concrete pillars which go down in the ground for over 60 meters to help for this very reason.
Another impressive feat is that the Tour Montparnasse weighs 150,000 tons, and has a total of 59 floors including 6 underground floors, with a facade of 40,000 metres it can also measure in at an even more impressive amount of windows, which is at 7,20…

The Lido Cabaret Venue in Paris with its impressive sets and dinner shows

The Lido is a cabaret venue in Paris which provides entertainment dinner shows, an ice rink, pool, amazing scenes, the famous Bluebell Girls, water features and much more to enjoy any type of evening.
One of the revues hosted at The Lido is the Revue Bonhour which is more than just the ordinary show, allowing you to see many different scenes and emotions sure to keep you entertained during an evening.
And from one extreme to the other The Lido has it, with many special effects to hand, 23 different sets to utilise including a 5 metre tall Indian temple, 90 different spotlights for the acts, 80 thousand litres of water for the pool and the amazing amount of electricity they use for other such lighting which can amount to over 20,000 watts of usage!
For the Revue Bonhour alone there are over 70 different artists which go on stage, where The Lido also called for assistance from some of the best costume designers and best names in haute couture. Featuring many amazing amounts of luxury w…