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112 is the Emergency Number to remember in Europe

Wherever you may chose to go on holiday there is always the issue of security and safety and as much as most places can be, and are safe, there is always the issue of someone getting pick pocketed and thieves, especially during specific times such as summer where many tourists can be found in many major cities.
And even if you take the precautions to being safe while on holiday in Paris, or any other city throughout Europe, the unforeseen can always happen, where being able to easily access and use the Emergency number can always provide help of any kind.
But even if you are not the one in immediate danger, some quick thinking to make a call can save someone's life when it's needed most, and for this reason it is why the number is being implemented in not only France but the European Union and even more countries around the world.
112 - The number to remember.
The number is now the emergency number throughout all of Europe, accessible from any mobile, payphone or landline.