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EHIC medical cards and tips for travelling in Europe on holiday

When going on holiday there are many things which you have to consider, but one of them which can at times be overlooked is the right documentation, and it can also be the difference between making things easier or have problems if anything unfortunate were to happen while you were on holiday in Europe.
Within Europe all documentation is required to be carried at all times, which includes your passport and medical cards as well as a drivers license if you have one. Which when asking for identification at tills or checkouts most cashiers will accept the drivers license for the proof of identity when paying by debit or credit card.
Although, despite the rule if you were to misplace your bag or purse, or worse it were to get stolen or taken from you, it does mean the documents would also be lost. That is why it is advisable to have a copy of those documents somewhere safe and separate from your actual documents, such as a hotel safe. Another option is to leave an additional copy of your …

Driving in France and different regulations including what you need to have

Driving through France can be a fantastic experience which you can never forget, and as always the rules and regulations between countries can differ, which is where we've composed a small list to help keep on the right side of the law and to help keep you safe!
Obviously, passengers have to wear seat belts, but one thing in France is different from some countries in that children under ten years old are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat at all.
Another is, even if you have acquired your driving licence before you are 18 in any other country, you still are not able to drive in France until you are 18, as the law forbids it. Also, you must always carry your driving license with you.
If you have a provisional license, you again, are not allowed to drive in France. If you have also been driving less than two years you must always follow the weather condition speed limits that can be found on motor ways and dual carriage ways.
For example, motorways hold the speed limit o…